Polo Match 101

How long is a game?


Polo is the oldest of team sports, played by nomadic warriors over 2000 years ago. The object of the game is to move the ball down the field, hitting through the goal posts for a score. A polo match lasts about 2 hours and is divided into “chukkers”. Each chukker is 7.5 minutes in length.

What do you wear to a polo match?

What to wear depends on where you will be enjoying the match from. If you plan on tailgating, dress appropriately for the weather and comfort. Anything goes! Yes, you may see lovely ladies in a polka dot dresses and hats...

What to bring?

Tailgating is one of Polo’s oldest traditions and one of the best ways to watch the game. Sit on the side of the field, bring a picnic, and get ready for the excitement. Alcohol is permitted at the venue.

What is the Divot Stomp?

At halftime, all are welcome on the field to stomp the divots. During polo play small divots of grass and dirt are torn and make for an unsafe playing field. Spectators enjoy the experience of helping keep our ponies and
players safe. But beware of the steaming divot!